Swingers West End 

Following the success of Swingers City, we were commissioned by the Institute of Competitive Socialising to design their second crazy golf venue; Swingers West End which opened in March 2018. The brief for Swingers West End was to take crazy golf back to its seaside roots in a venue that reimagines the faded glamour of the 1920s English Riviera. 

Guests enter through a disguised entrance, made to look like a misplaced seaside shop just off Oxford Street. Inside, the design is versatile and can easily be adapted and expanded at very low cost. This allows the owners to change the experience throughout the year and as the business grows.

Unusual elements within the design include the bar which is 28m long inside a bandstand, and the food stands, which are modern beach huts where the panelling has been designed to make the total appearance like an axonometric drawing (they look 3D but they are 2D). As the brief was 1920s English Riviera, we took traditional iconography and re-interpreted it with a modern twist.

Tickets for Swingers West End are available here
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Location: London
Client: Institute of Competitive Socialising
Size: 2100 sq.m
Status: March 2018 
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Zachary Pulman, Delfina Herren, Jenny Chen, Monika Sowa, Jandro Vázquez Dopico
Collaborators: CDS Tiles, Domus Tiles, Lumaglass, Vicalvi, Have Woods, Into Lighting, WFC – Contractor
Photographers: Paul Winch-Furness


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