Sonia Rykiel

Zachary Pulman Design Studio had the pleasure of creating Sonia Rykiel’s intimate flagship London boutique.

The brief from the fashion house saw our international design team evolve the elegant language of its other stores into a luxurious feel unique to London, through the use of oak finishes, deep noir carpets and chic minimalist white walls.

Our reimagining of the brand’s signature style saw us fuse avant-garde design with technology – UV bonded glass, plasma screens, acid etched panels, stainless brushed steel and LED fixtures – together with a reworking of the classic furniture and existing fixtures creating a sense of sophistication and weightlessness.

This chic minimalism deliberately contrasts and compliments the Grade II listed facade, it is further enhanced by the inspired combination of colour and lighting. The studio also designed a contemporary private entrance to the boutique for those high profile patrons who require the utmost discretion!

Client: Sonia Rykiel
Size: 4000sq.m
Status: 2008
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Jannet Masquer and Zachary Pulman
Collaborators: Mark Alford Project managers, Goodman Hichens contractors
PhotographersEd Reeve


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