Snake & Dagger Airstream

Photo by Matt Holyoak. Models – Lono Brazil (left) Rob Knighton (right).

It’s been an absolute pleasure designing the airstream for those denim obsessed boys at Snake & Dagger. Looking for an unusual way to showcase their luxury jeans, with the added bonus of being able to be free-roaming, an airstream with a twist was the perfect fit.

They wanted the airstream to look quite masculine, keeping the design modern in contrast to the vintage airstream. Being big boys they weren’t afraid of the dark, so we kept the inside moody and contemporary with the outside shiny and retro.

We chose flooring by Bolon, and magnetic lighting by Flos allowing an elegant lighting system that could be removed for transport. The Beehive light by Marc de Groot stands out against the blue theme, acting as a focal point.

After recently returning from their road trip to Copenhagen for CIFF, they are now lining up a series of pop-ups in London and beyond. Keep an eye on their website for updates.


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