Dickie Fitz

The team at Zachary Pulman Design Studio was commissioned to transform a tired and dark tavern, in Fitzrovia, into a polished Australasian-influenced brasserie. Formerly, the venue had been primarily a male-dominated lunchtime and after hours joint, but the imminent arrival of Estée Lauder’s European head quarters located opposite, with its 3000 female staff, presented Dickie Fitz with a captured audience. The site is also at the heart of London’s discerning media industry and so all these considerations had to be reflected in the restaurant’s décor and the entire architectural experience which, for us, begins at street level and becomes immersive once inside. The client had expressed a preference for art deco glamour and the need for a spatially breathtaking, dining experience.

The ground floor was governed by a central staircase that disturbed the layout, this was resolved by relocating the staircase to sit comfortably at the rear of the restaurant. Spectacular as the high ceilings were, the space lacked any sense of intimacy, especially as large windows provide superb vistas during daylight, and more so when it is bright, but on bleak days they can be forbidding.

Light and airy, Dickie Fitz’s open space is welcoming and sophisticated. White walls, wooden floors, a Beech wood-fronted bar, marble table tops and seating in a shade of yellow reminiscent of a dandelion serve this eatery perfectly. Lighting is provided by huge, crystal dandelion-inspired spheres and the stained-glass staircase gives an old school grandiose.

The studio also collaborated with specialist manufacturers Jason D’Souza to create a signature ‘Newman Street’ velvet which upholsters the seating throughout the first floor.

– A bespoke yellow leather was created with the intention of being uplifting
– Relocation of staircase and new floor layouts were reconfigured to incite inclusivity
– Bespoke glass and metal screen to staircase and subdividers were customised

Opening to rave reviews from The Times, TimeOut and The Independent, the restaurant recently featured on Channel 4’s hit show Made In Chelsea.

Location: London
Client: Kanvass
Size: 250.sqm
Status: February 2016
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Zachary Pulman, Michael Morris, Nathan Wilson & Jenny Chen
Collaborators: Lenton, Atrium, Mega Led, Ben Whistler, Jason D’Souza Ltd, CTO & Artist-CG.


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