With a view to placing sustainability at the forefront of the fit out process, Puma approached Zachary Pulman Design Studio to develop the interior design of their stores. It was necessary to implement the brand’s environmentally friendly outlook and the need to accommodate sporting events in store. Crucially, the focus was squarely on the footwear.

Utilising the materials from former stores in which to build the new stores, each additional build used as little new material as technically possible. The end result was an extremely lightweight component system that could be assembled and reassembled like Lego to maximize instant and dramatic change. Tall. Low. Solid. Perforated. Benefitting from a flexible, modulor fold & pack system, the space could be easily cleared for special events.

The shop fronts themselves were fashioned from high-tech fabrics, shaped into rotating shards that opened and closed uniformly. Stock was housed within the central recycled storage niches, so that sales staff no longer disappearing into stock room leaving the customer unattended.

Client: Puma
Sites: Global
Status: 2012
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Zachary Pulman, Ranbir Lal, Yu Ling Huang


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