Hillside House

Having acquired a unique site a short distance from the historic Royal Leamington Spa, the client presented our architects with a desire for a modernist and ecologically conscious home.

The architectural team, headed by Ranbir Lal developed a concept which sought to utilise and embrace the sloped ground and landscape of the site to create the building – A house which cantilevered forward some 6m forming a natural shaded area with a south facing aspect.

Characteristically of the studio we advocated using energy efficient techniques in the construction, with triple glazed windows, a ground source heat pump, solar panels and a state of the art heat recovery system. This, with the addition of effective exterior insulation, serves to make the dwelling highly energy efficient.

Client: Private
Size: 400 sq.m
Status: Ongoing
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Ranbir Lal, Zachary Pulman


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