Chelsea Penthouse

Cool. Stylish. And not a little avant grade.The designer:client relationship can be a complex one. Interpreting the abstract ideas of an individual to create an incredible, yet liveable spaces, difficult. On this occasion, the client and the property itself determined the design direction.

Inspired by an already stunning penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames, with direct lift entry from private car park, Zachary Pulman Design completely re-imagined the space – fashioning an astounding 150 sq.m of useable space, with ceilings exceeding 6 meters.

The details are everything. The design team used the volume to great effect, installing a spectacular Wenger cantilevered staircase in the master suite. Designing and commissioning the heaviest sink in London for master bathroom – weighing 850kg and fashioned from a single solid slab of Italian basaltic stone.

Client: Private
Size: 200 sq.m
Status: October  2012
Budget: Undisclosed
Design Team: Yu Ling Huang & Ken Taki
Collaborators: Brush Planes, Krige Consulting, T Nevill,  Glass design, Popple Projects, Vitra, Rimadesio, Stone Vision, Penelope James, Delta Light, Vola, CP Heart, Flos, Bowes and Wilkinson & Sony
Photographers: Josh Pulman, Fen-Yu Jen


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